Friday, 24 April 2015

Sharing Our Beaches With Birds

 We are a partner of The Northumberland Little Tern project and we've been  putting together some information in a leaflet on how to enjoy the beach responsibly. The hope is the leaflet will help visitors to our beautiful coast enjoy their time whilst also ensuring shorebirds have the room they need during the breeding season. There’s also a nifty shorebird I.D. guide to take with you on your walk. It's been part funded by EU LIFE+ as part of the national Little Tern Recovery Project.
The front cover of our free new leaflet. Photo of little tern by K . Simmonds

We are just putting the finishing  touches to it and will be officially launching it in the next few weeks so watch this space.

Hopefully we’ll be getting the leaflets into a whole host of places including Tourist information centers which will give visitors a chance to read them before they arrive. If you are local business or give information out  and are interested in pre-ordering some copies then please get in contact with the reserve office and we can sort out getting some to you.  

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