Thursday, 13 June 2013

13th June: Hide improvements

Reserve staff and volunteers have been busy updating our hides and installing new information panels at our hides. This afternoon was spent painting one of our hides and installing our signs here - not a bad job for a sunny day:

Enjoying the view after giving the hide a good spring clean and coat of paint

The board illustrations were kindly done for us by the very talented artist John Steele and show the view you can see from the hides changing with the seasons. We also have bespoke information panels for the hides, giving more in-depth information about each site.

Bird identification panel at Budle Bay lay-by

We have some lovely new bird panels produced specially for this Reserve that have now been placed at key locations - this one is at Budle Bay, others have been installed at the at hides. One of our volunteer wardens took the majority of these amazing pictures on the site, making these panels that little bit more special.

We check our hides regularly, including the recording books in each one, so please leave any comments or sightings in the books when you visit. In our hides at Fenham-Le-Moor and the Lough we also have details of Reserve events and other information.

The best time to visit the hide overlooking Fenham Flats is on an incoming tide. Settling down to watch the birds come to you as they are pushed up the flats is an amazing spectacle, and using the hides ensures you can view the birds' normal behaviour without disturbing them.

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