Friday, 18 April 2014

18th April: Local Scouts help us fence off sites for breeding shorebirds

The first of our potential breeding shorebird areas has now been fenced off, on the North shore of Holy Island. This could be an ideal spot for breeding birds like Ringed Plover and Little Tern, the latter being a Schedule 1 protected species.

The North shore of Holy Island

This was completed with the help of some of the 1st Flodden BP Scouts - they were very quick at putting up (and untangling) the fencing!

Newly-installed shorebird fencing

Placing the information sign next to the restricted area

We have also placed a sign with important information next to the restricted area. The NNR team will be fencing off additional areas to give breeding shorebirds the best possible chance at nesting with minimal disturbance, so if you do come across any of these areas while on the Reserve please give it a wide berth and make sure you keep dogs on a short lead.

It was a beautiful day and the Scout group also helped us clear the breeding bird area and parts of the North shore of tidal litter and debris. Thanks to the Scouts and their leaders for being very helpful and hard working!

Clearing the beach of litter 

Prize catch!

Photos thanks to Nick Allen and Chris Lyons.

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