Tuesday, 10 June 2014

10th June: A rescued eider duckling

An eider duckling was found by some kind members of the public on the beach at Ross a week and a half ago. We think it was left behind by a mother who also had 2 more chicks with her, she was seen further up the beach. We tried to reunite the chick with the female but by this time she and the  other chicks had swam out towards Holy Island.

The eider duckling

The duckling was taken to the Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust and is doing very well with a teddy to cuddle into and a mirror so it has 'another' duckling to keep it company! It is still too small to be kept next to some mallard ducklings that the Swan Trust is also looking after.

We will post regular updates on the duckling's progress and hopefully in a few weeks can return it to Ross where it was found.

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