Monday, 19 October 2015

It's all about the livestock at the moment.....sheep up next

With the cattle settled we've been getting things in place for the sheep that will be calling the Reserve home for the next few months. Sheep have been grazing the reserve in the winter for a few years now and are an important management tool. Their main focus will be on the Snook where they will be tasked with browsing some of the non-natives plants such as Michaelmas daisy and generally opening up the sward to allow a variety of flowers and orchids to flourish in the coming summer. We've been looking at a different type of fencing this year so keep an eye out for signs and information letting you know where the sheep will be.

Putting up fencing in anticipation of the sheep arriving on Wednesday. 

One of the species the sheep will help remove is Michaelmas Daisy. This picture shows one of the plants at the end of the flowering season. 

Getting some 'before' shots to help show what impact the grazing has. We will compare these photos to some we plan to take after the grazing has finished. 

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