Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Window on Wild Lindisfarne 20/12/2015

Arrived 1pm and it was sunny, windy and about 10C. Main car park had less that 20 cars. The south side of the causeway was completely covered in water 30 min after safe crossing began. Returning to the mainland about 2.5 hours after safe crossing began there was just as much water on the causeway, in fact the sand alongside looked drier but we didn't try it. 

There were 60 light bellied brent geese on the grass near the scrape and they flew off about 15 min later. There were about 100 teal visible next to the scrape with others in the short lush green grass to the right (east) of the scrape. They kept moving to and fro, grass to scrape and back again. Kestrel flew past low and close to the building 3 times. One herring gull on the scrape which was useful for size comparison. In the distance to the NE there was a big flock of small birds which may have been linnets, finches or …...... Visitors were all impressed with the smart plumage of the teal and how little they are. 

Best wishes David & Gill

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