Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year

With the Christmas period over and everyone settling back into a regular routine we look forward to the next couple of months on the Reserve. Over the last few weeks many of our geese such as grey geese and brent have moved off the Reserve. This seems to be much earlier than previous years and with all the wet weather and sodden ground there is plenty of places for these waterbirds to use on and off the Reserve. The milder weather is also having an affect on our wildlife with temperatures being higher than average for the time of year. Without knowing what's around the corner a cold snap may change things and we could see different patterns of migration.

Brent JJD (c)

It is still winter and the rest of our winter residents are hunkering down and hoping for their first glimpse of better weather. You'll still find flocks of waders, ducks and geese throughout the Reserve. If on the island you may catch a glimpse of Roe deer in the dunes with up to 15 being seen on occasion. We'll publish the peak counts of birds from December tomorrow so check back then for more information.

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