Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Natura 2000 Day Guided Walk on Saturday 21st May

Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is running a guided walk on Saturday 21st of May for Natura 2000 day taking in some of the habitats and species that make Lindisfarne NNR one of the most important nature conservation sites in the North of England.

Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is part of the Natura 2000 Network of sites which stretches over 27,000 places across Europe covering 1 million km2. Natura 2000 sites are the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world and offer a haven to Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats. Besides being a heaven for many animal and plant species like the brown bear and the iberian lynx, large raptors and vultures, delicate orchids or butterflies, the Natura 2000 network is the result of cultural and historical interaction between human beings and nature. May 21st is a day set aside every year to celebrate this amazing network of sites and to raise awareness throughout Europe.

Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is part of this network as it makes up one of the core breeding and/or overwintering sites for 18 international important bird species including light-bellied brent geese and several species of tern. It is one of the many sites which are ensuring the long-term survival of Europe’s most vulnerable species and habitats under the Birds Directive and Habitats Directive.

Join Reserve Warden Mhairi Maclauchlan for a guided walk around the Reserve as we take a journey into the species and habitats that are part of the Natura 2000 designation.  “Many people may not have heard of Natura 2000 before but we are part of an amazing network of sites making up 18% of the EU’s land area and we want tell to the public about it. The walk will take in some of the species that the Reserve has been designated and managed for such as migrating tern species, grey seal, red-breasted mergansers and anything else we can find.”

The two hour walk around the Reserve starts at the Window on Wild Lindisfarne at 10.00. Please wear suitable outdoor clothing including sturdy foot wear. Call the Reserve office on 01289381470 to book your place.

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