Friday, 12 August 2016

Pirri pirri bur

Reserve staff and volunteers have been collecting the seeds of pirri pirri bur on the main paths among the dunes of Lindsifarne NNR to prevent them being spread further into the dunes. You can help us by staying on the paths when visiting the Reserve, and by checking your shoes, clothing and dogs for the burs before leaving.

In addition to the seeds being spread by the prickly burs, the plant also spreads by stolons that grow underground - this can make it hard to remove completely. Pirri-pirri causes artificial dune stabilisation, competes with native sand dune species, invades the botanically rich areas of the dunes in dry seasons, and burs can get tangled in fledgling bird's feathers preventing them from flying.

John one of the volunteers helping us to remove the burs from the sides of a path to help prevent spread.

The burr acts like velcro and sticks to clothing and dog fur.

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