Monday, 12 September 2016


We were out last week doing our annual count of seals around the sand flats and mudflats of the Reserve. You can see in the picture a large group of grey seals hauled out onto the sand. We only do this a couple of times  in the year so that we minimise disturbance. We had a count of 2,600 which is a lower than last year. 

We often have seals hauling out around the Reserve and you may come across seals in groups or individuals near to where you walk. If you do come across them please keep your dog on a lead (their bite can be harmful to dogs and humans) and keep a clear distance -we recommend at least 50m but this might not be always be possible.
There is one particular harbour seal that enjoys fishing and hauling out near to the causeway. We get quite a few calls about this seal as visitors think it's hurt or injured. In fact it's just resting but we do check it regularly. If you see it please don't go near it some visitors have been going too close and causing it to move away.

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