Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Livestock back on the Reserve

We now have our autumn winter livestock on site. Whilst out and about on the Reserve you may come across the cattle and sheep.

Cattle arrive and head off to explore their new home. (c) Alex Dodds

Settling in a few days later (c) Alex Dodds

 Both cattle and sheep have come from a local farm and are chosen because they are steady around people. We have 30 cattle on the main Island and they will be munching their way through the dunes to help open the sward and encourage flora in the spring and summer. They will also be helping to control Pirri.

Cattle browsing the scrub. (c) Alex Dodds

On the Snook we have 30 sheep and they are helping to control the invasive Michaelmas Daisy and areas of dune slack. They have been on site for just under a week now and are already making great inroads.

Sheep now on the Snook grazing the dune slacks.

If you are out and about please keep an eye out for signs and keep dogs on leads.

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