Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Grazing update

The sheep and cattle have been on the island for over a month now and are settling in. 
The cows have been grazing the longer rank vegetation.
We've been using electric fences to move the sheep into new areas on the Snook to increase the grazing area. As you may remember from a previous blog the Michaelmas daisy has been attacked and they are now being moved on to new areas. The picture below of the electric fence shows the grazed area to the right and the new area they are currently grazing to the left. The difference in grass height shows up well here. This area is awash with colour in the summer with Marsh Helleborine, Grass of Parnassus, Northern Marsh Orchids amongst many others.
Electric fence between grazed and non grazed area.

It took a while to get a picture of them grazing as they like to stare at you when you take a photo!

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