Thursday, 22 May 2014

22nd May: Litle tern decoys repainted

Last year, Lowick and Holy Island First Schools did a great job of painting the little tern decoys that were placed on the North shore of Holy Island. The decoys were used to try to attract little terns to nest in areas identified as having great potential to become breeding grounds for these special birds.

Decoys in action last year

However after a few months of being outside in all weathers last year the decoys were looking a little tired, so the schoolchildren have repainted them ready for another season on the NNR.

Two spruced up little terns on the North shore this week

The Reserve team will continue to monitor these areas closely to detect interested birds and prevent disturbance. While out wardening, our team chat to visitors and inform them of how they can help to protect the sites and avoid disturbing the breeding birds.

Remember to be aware of ground nesting birds when you are walking on the NNR and shores nearby, and please observe notices and access restrictions. It is particularly important to keep dogs on a lead around breeding bird areas.

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