Friday, 23 May 2014

23rd May: Ellingham First School visits the NNR

On Monday 19th May, the Reserve team held a fun day for all 63 children from Ellingham C of E Aided First School, who enjoyed learning about the wildlife of the NNR and wider island.

Some of the children from the school have kindly written some great thank-you letters and their things they enjoyed most during their visit:

"Dear Natural England Staff,
I loved making the lapwings and I loved seeing the swallows. It was fun seeing the grey seals but the quiz was very tricky. It was fun when we saw the lookout tower. It was great when we saw the swallows flying in the air.
From Elias, Ellingham C of E Aided First School"

"Dear Natural England,
Thank you for the trip it was awesome and it was fun seeing and making Lapwings, Terns, seal puppets and seeing the seals and last of all the quiz.
The lookout was great with the telescopes and binoculars and we could see the seals playing in the water. From the window on wild Lindisfarne we could see fish and tadpoles and birds.
From Will, Ellingham C of E Aided First School"

"Dear Andrew and the staff,
I REALLY enjoyed seeing the seals and making the cards, making the paper birds but the quiz was a bit tricky. The bit I liked best was seeing the seals bobbing up and down, they were really cute. I saw little fish swimming in the pond outside the big Window On Wild Lindisfarne, and I also think I saw a white bellied Brent goose. I also REALLY enjoyed making the porthole I liked the little foot prints on the floor of the WOWL area. Yours sincerely,
Teddy from Ellingham School"
-Photo included by Teddy

"Dear Natural England,
Thank you so much for letting us have a look at the seals and I really enjoyed making all the awesome cards and birds and the lookout. I think the seals are funny because all they do is sunbathe and swim. I loved all the birds. I think the quiz hard but I still liked the quiz.
From Louisa, Ellingham c of e Aided first school"

We all really enjoyed having the children visit the NNR and look forward to their next visit!

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