About Natural England

Natural England is an Executive Non-departmental Public Body responsible to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Our purpose is to protect and improve England’s natural environment and encourage people to enjoy and get involved in their surroundings.

Put simply, our aim is to create a better natural environment that covers all of our urban, country and coastal landscapes, along with all of the animals, plants and other organisms that live with us.

Why is looking after the natural environment important?
Our broad remit means that our reach extends across the country. We work with people such as farmers, town and country planners, researchers and scientists, and the general public on a range of schemes and initiatives.

The condition of our natural environment is vital: every living thing needs water, fresh air and food – which can only come from a healthy natural environment. Research has also shown that people are affected by their surroundings – so the better our natural environment is the better people feel.

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