Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is an internationally significant site for wildlife, and staff and volunteers work hard to conserve and protect the habitats and species of the Reserve. From shorebird wardening on sandy beaches to allow Little Terns and Ringed Plover to nest, to controlling vegetation in dune slacks to preserve habitat for our many beautiful wildflowers, to providing a refuge for the waders, geese and ducks who overwinter here. Our remit is broad - habitat management, biological monitoring, education and outreach, and advocacy. It's important work, but all of it costs money - and we need your help. Please consider supporting our work by buying our products (below) or donating here. Thank you.

NEW - Pin Badges

Why not buy one of our two different designs of pin badges and show your support for Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve. These quality designs come with an information card about the species on the Reserve that is made from 100% recycled material. All proceeds help us continue our vital work to conserve this special place.

Ringed Plover:Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve forms an internationally important refuge for Ringed Plovers on passage and supports the largest breeding population of in Northumberland. These small shorebirds feed on invertebrates found along the sand beaches and intertidal areas of the Reserve.

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Light-bellied Brent Goose: Half of the world’s population of East Atlantic Light-bellied Brent Geese return from Svalbard and Northern Greenland every year to feed on the large swathes of Eel Grass that is found within the intertidal area of Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve.

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Wild Cards

A fun family card game featuring wildlife of Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve. Learn key data and fun facts... did you know 50% of the world population of light-bellied Brent geese overwinter at Lindisfarne NNR? Or that ringed plovers will pretend to have a broken wing to lure away predators from their nest?

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Colouring Book

A colouring book and sketch pad featuring scenes of wildlife in the beautiful surroundings of the Reserve.

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Booklet & Nature Trail map

Planning a visit to the NNR? Or simply keen to learn more about this unique place? Our booklet, made from 100% recycled material, shares information about the geology, history and wildlife of Lindisfarne, as well as a Nature Trail map around the Reserve.

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Want to support conservation work at Lindisfarne NNR and look good in the process? Why not buy one of our limited edition t-shirts featuring wildlife of the Reserve? Raise a smile with our cheeky 'Seal of Approval' t-shirt or, for those who like getting their hands dirty, perhaps a 'Mud is Good' message featuring one of the Reserve's ubiquitous curlews tackling a giant lugworm. All t-shirts are made of organic cotton, are ethically sourced and use natural dyes - good for people and the planet.

Mud is Good T-shirt 

Comes in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.
£10 including VAT. Postage & packaging £1.50 (UK, second class) 

Seal of Approval T-shirt

Comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.
£10 including VAT. Postage & packaging £1.50 (UK, second class) 

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  1. Thanks for publicising this in the NE Newcastle Office "Northumbria Headlines" - I hadn't known about the shop & will definitely be purchasing some Christmas gifts