Thursday, 16 May 2013

13th May - Rocky shore exploration

This morning was spent looking at the rocky shore on the island where some very interesting and beautiful creatures were found. Catherine, a very knowledgeable Natural England marine ecologist acting as a lead advisor kindly explained more about the sealife found here, as she carried out a survey, and took some great photographs.

Lindisfarne's rocky shore - beautiful day!

Butterfish in one pool

Sea slug

The diversity of life in each tiny rock pool is amazing to see, we counted over 30 species attached to just one tiny rock!

It was great fun to discover the more unusual creatures of the Reserve that are seldom seen, but we were careful not to disturb them or their habitats. Any rocks that were looked at were carefully placed back in their original  position so that the animals and plants underneath were not damaged or killed by exposure to the drying sun, wind and tide.

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