Tuesday, 28 May 2013

25th May: Visit our Hides and Nature Trail

This summer is shaping up to be a very busy one, with an already varied events programme (this can now be found on the Events tab) with still more to be added! Keep checking back for updates.

If you want to get closer to the Reserve wildlife, the hides are great places to do this without causing disturbance. New information boards have been installed in the hide at Beal, including a great photographic guide to the birds you are most likely to see here. Our other hides can be found at the Lough on the island and at Fenham-le-Moor on the mainland.

Our fantastic two storey hide at Fenham-Le-Moor

We also have a fantastic Nature Trail that takes you through our different habitats on the Reserve. There are 8 points marked by posts where you can stop and view the scenery and wildlife, beginning at the Window on Wild Lindisfarne building. The Trail then carries on towards the Castle, takes you along the old waggonway past the Lough and it's hide, and follows the Straight Lonnen in the centre of the Island. The waymarked route takes roughly 1 hour and allows you to experience the range of habitats on Lindisfarne.

A fantastic guide to the Trail with lots of information about each point is included in the Reserve leaflets. Please pick one up from the Beal car park at the beginning of the causeway, from the Window on Wild Lindisfarne building, or from the coastguard Lookout Tower.

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