Tuesday, 30 July 2013

30th July: Impressive clearance of Pirri-pirri burs

With the help of Jo and volunteer Harry, this afternoon we collected two huge bags of Pirri-pirri bur seeds from the dunes of the Reserve. This is an invasive, non-native plant from New Zealand, which grows aggressively and pushes out native plants. The seeds have spines that stick to clothing and dog fur, meaning they are easily transported. Once we started collecting the seeds by hand, they stuck together and easily rolled up into big balls!

Harry and Jo with just some of their Pirri seed balls - impressive work!

This is part of ongoing work to clear the Pirri-pirri burs from the major paths among the Reserve. This means that when visitors walk along the main paths here there is less chance of them picking up burs on their clothing, so the risk of seeds being transported to other sites nearby is reduced. It also creates less nuisance for visitors.

Showing how difficult it is to remove the seeds once they get attached to clothing!

In addition to checking your clothing, please check your dog for the spiny burs after visiting the Reserve.
If you would like to join our team of volunteers to tackle the Pirri-pirri bur and help out on the Reserve, please contact the Reserve office on 01289 381470.

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