Monday, 19 August 2013

12th August: Amazing Lindisfarne Sketch Book Event

John Steele's second Lindisfarne Sketch Book walk on Saturday 10th August went fantastically well! The small but incredibly enthusiastic group learned about many different forms of life among the dunes and how to sketch them. John was great at encouraging us to pick out the individual characteristics of each plant and insect.

Some of John's stunning field sketches from a recent visit to Lindisfarne NNR

In the words of John:

"Anyone interested in the natural world could do no better than to carry a sketch pad and pencil with them on each and every adventure outdoors.

 This basic equipment allows you to start to record a personal impression of something that attracts your attention, no matter how briefly you spend making marks on the paper.

By spending just a few minutes or even seconds sketching an insect, plant or bird, your moment of observation can quickly turn into heightened fascination and understanding and can be recorded and cherished for latter reference.

Moving creatures are a challenge to even the experienced but its always worth putting down in just a few marks the impression of the flying bird for your own pleasure. Remember these are not finished paintings, just your personal visual diary.

Try sketching a small part of a plant in your garden over the growing season, if sketching in public seems uncomfortable. You will very quickly spot subtle changes to the flowers and leaves over the weeks, right through to the seed pods bursting and some of the amazing creatures that visit it from time to time.

 I have little doubt that you will be inspired and learn so much from this seemingly simple 
process, if you once give it a go." 

John is incredibly knowledgeable and the perfect natural history guide. We will be delighted to welcome him back for another art event in the Spring!

The Reserve warden's attempt at sketching various plants and creatures of the dunes

If you missed this event, don't despair: John will also be on hand at our drop-in event at Budle Bay on Saturday 19th October from 11.00am, to demonstrate how you can look more closely at the various birds, plants and other subjects around the Bay. John may even bring some rather interesting props! Hope to see you then.

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