Friday, 25 October 2013

19th October: Birds at Budle Event

The first of our drop-in events at Budle Bay this year went amazingly well, despite the rainy, cold weather!

Visitors enjoying looking out over the Bay

Great numbers of birds were seen, being pushed up the Bay by the incoming tide. Among the species seen were Shelduck, Lapwing (showing off their beautiful display flight), Wigeon, Greylag goose, Grey Plover, and the so-called 'Bird of the Day' - a Little Egret, keeping out of sight in the channel at the mouth of the bay.

A Little Egret - we didn't get this close to the Budle Bay bird! 
Credit: Natural England/Allan Drewitt

Local artist and naturalist, John Steele, was a fantastic welcome guest at the Birdwatch, and was very happy to show visitors how they can draw or paint wildlife and landscapes. He also proved what a talented artist he is by sketching some of the birds seen.

 John Steele in action, studying the birds before continuing his sketch

John will be at the next Budle Bay drop-in session, on Sunday 1st December. Details can be found on the Events page.

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