Thursday, 16 January 2014

16th January: Birds at the Window on Wild Lindisfarne

Now is the perfect time to visit the Window on Wild Lindisfarne: groups of Brent geese are now regularly using the fields next to the building, offering fantastic views of these winter visitors. While Lindisfarne NNR is internationally important for light-bellied Brent geese, we have also had increasing numbers of dark-bellied Brent using the site. While the light-bellied Brent travel from Svalbard every year to winter here, the dark-bellied Brent travel from northern Russia to feed on our rich mudflats.

A group of dark-bellied Brent geese feeding on a field near the WOWL

If you're lucky, you may spot groups of Brent flying between the fields and the harbour. Listen for their deep, gutteral call in flight and as they come in to land.

The Window on Wild Lindisfarne is the best place to see the birds up close - sometimes one of our Volunteer Guides will be at the building to greet you, ready to answer your questions and point out the array of birds seen on the flooded fields.

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