Wednesday, 26 February 2014

24th February: Lindisfarne NNR bird photography

It's no surprise that Lindisfarne NNR is perfect for keen photographers, with stunning landscapes and wildlife. One of our volunteers is also a very talented photographer, taking some amazing shots of the Reserve's birds.

Here are some of his shots taken this winter:

Redshank - these wading birds with striking red bill and legs can be seen from the Causeway, searching for food in the mud and sand

Light-bellied brent geese - you may still see groups of these small geese on the Reserve before they leave for their Svalbard breeding grounds

A pair of pintail - a good place to see these elegant ducks is from the Fenham-Le-Moor hide as the tide is rising

Lapwing - these can be seen on the flooded scrape in front of the Window on Wild Lindisfarne building, along with other birds such as teal, oystercatcher and redshank

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