Tuesday, 22 April 2014

22nd April: Bird Calls - Sounds of the dunes

Now is a great time to take a walk among the dunes of Lindisfarne NNR. As you do, you may be followed by the amazing song of the skylark which is displaying breeding behaviour now.


Please click the following link to hear the song:
Skylark's song

Another bird that you cannot miss among the dunes is the ubiquitous meadow pipit, which nests among the marram grass.

Meadow pipit

It is very important to stay to main paths through the dunes to avoid trampling the meadow pipit's nests and young chicks, and to keep your dog on a lead or at heel.

Click this link to hear the song of the meadow pipit:
Meadow pipit

All recordings are from www.xeno-canto.org

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