Monday, 12 May 2014

12th May: Bird Sounds - Lindisfarne Terns

As the new Northumberland Little Tern Recovery project is now well underway, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the calls of each tern species you're likely to see/hear on Lindisfarne NNR as this is a good way to identify them.
As the aim of the project is to increase numbers of breeding Little Terns, we'd be grateful if you could report any sightings of this species to

Tern Sounds:

Little tern - the focus of the Northumberland Little Tern Recovery Project. These dainty terns are about the same size as a dunlin.
Please click the following link to hear the Little Tern's call:
Little tern call

Sandwich tern - probably the noisiest tern you're likely to hear around Lindisfarne NNR! They can be seen in large numbers at Goswick and regularly fishing along the North shore of Holy Island.
Please click the following link:
Sandwich tern call

Arctic tern - you may spot these distinctive terns with their bright red bill and legs fishing in the waters around Lindisfarne NNR.
Please click to listen to the Arctic tern calling at a breeding colony:
Arctic tern call

Common tern - very similar in looks to the Arctic tern but with a black tip to its bill.
Please click to listen to the Common tern calling in flight:
Common tern call

The British Trust for Ornithology have also produced two excellent videos focusing on tern ID, which can be found here:

Taking a look at terns 1: Common and Arctic terns
Taking a look at terns 2: Roseate, Sandwich and Little Terns

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