Friday, 13 June 2014

14th June: Eiders are hatching at Lindisfarne NNR

A few days ago we blogged about the eider duckling that was found alone on the beach at Lindisfarne. The Berwick Swan Trust has posted a photo of the eider chick and it's friend on their Facebook page which you can view by clicking the following link:

Link to the eider chick on Berwick Swan Trust's Facebook page

The female eiders, which are ground-nesting birds, gather their ducklings together to form large 'creches'. You can often see these from the shores of Lindisfarne NNR from early June, so look out for these creches of newly hatched eiders now.

An eider creche

Be mindful of young eiders when you're out and about on the Reserve, they often come up to rest on the mud and rocks along the shore, so keep your dog on a lead or at heel and enjoy watching the young ducklings from a distance. This will also reduce disturbance to other ground-nesting shorebirds such as ringed plover.

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