Tuesday, 5 August 2014

5th August: Pirri-pirri bur work update

Since our last update on Pirri-pirri bur removal works we have removed burs from more of the main paths on the NNR and trialled a new machine.

First we used a grasscutter on the main paths to cut the Pirri seed heads and leaves, then used the new machine which is like a giant vacuum to suck up the burs loosened by the cutter.

The vacuum about to be used on patches of Pirri-pirri bur

Our volunteer John collecting Pirri-pirri into a bag to bring back to the yard for disposal

The combination of cutting the Pirri-pirri bur then using the vacuum has worked very well, meaning we can clear more paths of the burs which prevent them being spread to other sites on shoes, clothing and animal fur.

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