Monday, 10 November 2014

10th November: The Grey Seal

Always a great attraction for families, Lindisfarne NNR is a fantastic place to see this large marine animal. From the Lookout on Wild Lindisfarne, on the site of the old coastguard tower overlooking the priory, you can often see large groups of them hauled out on the sandbars at low tide. This is a great way to view them and listen to their 'haunting' calls.

A group of grey seals

The most recent count of grey seals across the NNR found 3500 - a huge number! Their numbers have steadily been increasing each year here.

The grey seals are busy breeding on the Farne Islands NNR at the moment, however many can still be seen at Lindisfarne. The pups will begin to leave the colonies in December. 

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