Thursday, 11 June 2015

Partnership working benefits the Reserve

As we do every year We've been putting every effort into ensuring our wildlife and coast are protected throughout the year and during the important shorebird breeding season (Stretching from April until August). This year, in addition to other areas, the reserve has more fenced protection at Goswick Sands. In additionThis year we have managed to secure funding for two additional shorebird wardens to bolster staff and volunteers.

There are a couple of issue which, without a doubt, affect our breeding shorebirds particularly at Goswick Sands. Dogs off leads can be an issue as shorebirds nest in exposed areas and even a well behaved dog can cause birds to lift and expose eggs and chicks to all sorts of dangers. Many people don’t realise that the reserve has bye-laws one of which includes keeping dogs on a lead or close at heel.
Illegal off road driving can also be an issue as it destroys habitats and disturbs wildlife however with support from the police and local residents we are tackling this issue.
Davy Garrick Berwick Neighbourhood Police Inspector "Northumbria Police officers are working with partner agencies and members of the community to gather information and intelligence about any activity which adversely affects wildlife and the environment.  All reported incidents will be investigated and, where evidence exists, we will seek advice regarding appropriate sanctions against offenders".
Visitors to the reserve can help make a positive impact on nature by keeping to paths, keeping dogs on leads or at heel and taking note of fenced of areas and signs. 

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