Thursday, 27 August 2015

MarClim Surveys

The Lindisfarne intertidal rocky reefs are one of the many MarClim sites surveyed on an annual basis to investigate the effects of climatic warming on marine biodiversity. An important habitat on the reserve, the rocky reef is the place where land meets sea which provides a diverse but hostile environment.

The MarClim project builds on data already collected to investigate the effects of climate change on the marine environment. An extension of the Marine and Climate Change Program which ran from 2002-2005 the project surveys rocky reefs around the country on a yearly basis.

An interesting project highlighting the importance of long term data sets. You can find information on the data collated and collected by the MarClim project via the National Biodiversity Network Gateway ( or by contacting the
Marine Environmental Change Network (MECN) Co-ordinator (

Nova Mieszkowska (MBA) and Heather Sugden (Univeristy of Newcastle) surveying Lindisfarne inter-tidal rocky reefs

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