Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Shorebird Celebration

We held our 2nd annual celebration centred around all things shorebird.  As the breeding season for some of our shorebirds is coming to a close the event was designed to raise awareness of the work we do as Natural England, let people know how they can help and also have some shorebird fun. Lindisfarne NNR staff and volunteers set up crafts and games at the Window On Wild Lindisfarne for 3 hours and the event was well attended with visitors to the island. There was lapwings and little terns to make along with colouring in for the younger children. The little tern make and take linked in with our migration game where kids (and big kid it has to be said) threw a little tern beanbag to their wintering grounds in Africa, gaining points for stopping at a few places to refuel on the way. The event was well received by all and everyone went away with a better understanding of what we do! I’ll let the photos do the talking……

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