Saturday, 26 September 2015

Marine Conservation Society Beach Watch

On sunday alongside our regular litter picks we were happy to welcome volunteers and staff from Peregrini HLF project onto the reserve to complete the Marine Conservation Society's beach watch. This is a national project which we undergo most years. It involves not only collecting the litter we find on the beach but also recording it and sending the information back to the Society.

Marine litter not only looks rubbish but has devastating consequences for wildlife.

Amongst the litter we found on Sunday at Goswick and at the North Shore included tyres, gloves, lots of small pieces of plastic, plastic bottles and food cartons. With it all bagged up it was quite a mound of bags! We found lots and lot of balloons with string - something which can really be damaging to wildlife

Thanks to David and the guys from Peregrinni for arranging the litter pick and for helping out the reserve!

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