Wednesday, 10 August 2016

2016 Shorebird Season

Last week saw the team taking down fences and signs from around the Reserves signifying the end of the shorebird season. We had three dedicated shorebird wardens and some very dedicated volunteers helping throughout the season - a big thank you goes to them. It's been a good season at Lindisfarne - another thank you to every visitor who we've spoken to or who has seen the signs and put their dog on a lead or gone a different way. Now for the job of washing everything and putting it away till next year.
Although birds have finished nesting there are still some on the beach stocking up before their long migration to their wintering grounds. If you see large flocks please give them the space they need and the best possible start before  they set off.

Signs have been put away for another year.

Sashay back for the final round up of the season from Lindisfarne NNR and Northumberland later in the month!

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