Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Seal Safari

We held a Seal Safari at the weekend and the stars of the walk didn't fail to perform. We had hundreds basking, swimming and bottling - putting on a great show for our walk. We walked up to the Look Out Tower getting amazing views from The Heugh and in the building itself. Thanks to everyone who came.

We have up to 4,000 seals hauling out on the sand flats, mudflats and rocky shore of Lindisfarne NNR. You may be lucky enough to see some of the seals close at hand as you walk around the island – here are our handy tips on how to act so that you and the seals are happy and safe.

Be aware- Realise that you are in an area where you may come across seals and be prepared to change route or move away from an area if you encounter any on the shore.  

Keep Your Distance – It is tempting to try and get a better view of the seals even if they don’t move away your presence will be affecting their behaviour.
Keep Dogs on Short Leads - seals may look docile and cute but they are wild animals. Their bite is also infectious for both humans and dogs.  Keeping your dog under control will prevent them getting in harm’s way.
Do not approach large groups of seals out on the sand and mud flats - Allow at least 50 m between you and the seals. Walking towards large groups of seals causes them to find refuge in the water expending valuable energy they need to survive.


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