Thursday, 22 September 2016

Shorebird Round Up

It's been a while since we wound up the shorebird season here on the Reserve and now it's time for a round up of how the season went.

It was another good year here on Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve. We had three shorebird wardens out on the beach helping with fences and chatting to the public.

There was a good number of little terns throughout the Reserve with a total of 37 scrapes and a amazing 42 fledged. Looking back over previous years our fledgling numbers for 2016 were the second highest since 2000. We also kept a close eye on other breeding shorebirds and arctic and common terns had a great year with 150 pairs. Ringed plover and oystercatchers have been struggling recently but we hope to have a closer look at what we can do to help them on the Reserve in the future.

Without a doubt the successes were due to wardens and volunteers. Particularly thanks goes to the volunteers who work tirelessly year after year to help give the counties shorebirds a fighting chance. As with anything in life you never know what will happen next year but we were happy to wave off our shorebirds on their migrations and bid them farewell till next year.
Volunteers have worked tirelessly this year to help give shorebirds a fighting chance.

All packed up and ready from a great season.

Children from Lowick and Holy Island 1st school helping to paint decoys as part of the EU Life+ Little Tern Project


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