Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Livestock return

It doesn't seem like yesterday that we were telling everyone that the livestock had done their job and were being taken off the Reserve. Well fast forward a year and we are now welcoming them back! Over the past few days signs have been put up and fencing in place in anticipation of the stock arriving.

On the Snook we will welcome back a flock of sheep whose job it will be to graze areas of the invasive Michaelmas Daisy and open up the sward in some of the dune slacks. The floral display was brilliant this year and the sheep play a big part in this. We hope to get them on in the next couple of days all going well.

The signs are up letting visitors know areas we are grazing - please take note of any instructions.

The cattle will be brought on next week. Again they are a great tool in managing the dunes grazing areas and opening up the sward. we hope to have 30 head of cattle on site throughout the winter so keep an eye out for them in the dunes.

Cattle from last year enjoying the sunshine.

Please remember to take heed of signs around the Reserve that tell you which areas we are grazing -  It is important to keep dogs on leads around livestock.

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