Thursday, 1 December 2016

Movers and shakers from September and October

We do regular bird counts on the Reserve and combine that data with the monthly WeBS count done by staff and volunteers. Here are the highs and lows from September and October. November will follow when the WeBS data is all collated!

At the bottom of the chart and by no means the least important we have Pintail. As the name suggests they have a distinct tail. Their numbers rose in October from 34 to 150. You may catch a glimpse of these birds from Fenham-le-Moor hide or Budle Bay pull in.

Next up it's the local contender the Eider with numbers reducing from 329 to 236 which is still enough to see it away from the bottom spot. Greylag geese stay with us throughout the winter and they raised from 305 to 400 in October. Topping of the bottom of the chart curlews saw a drop in numbers from 1273 to 538.

Moving into the middle of the chart oystercatchers were counted at 2200 in September going down to 862 in October. Redshank also reduced in number but still managed to stay ahead at 930 birds in October.
Knot a small wader which we see in flocks at this time of year is next in Octobers chart with 1500 seen on the Reserve.
Our top two birds in October (in number) were light-bellied brent (3400) and wigeon. The most numerous bird on the Reserve throughout September and October was wigeon - they actually rose in number from 11000 to 16000 in October. This amazing duck can often be heard giving it's distinct whistle call on a still day or night.

Stay tuned for the November chart!

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