Thursday, 2 February 2017

Selected Peak Bird Counts – January 2017

Our counts are in for January! Good Numbers of pink footed-geese on the Reserve and in the surrounding area. Other birds of note include short-eared owls that have been seen roosting and hunting on the dunes. They can easily be spooked if you are walking in the Dunes and its important visitors keep to paths and dogs are kept on leads. (I'm sure know the drill by now!) European whitefronted geese have been seen during the beginning and middle of the month. If you have any interesting sightings please let us know.

Light-bellied brent: 1272

Pink-footed: 4000
Greylag: 270
Barnacle: 1050
European whitefront: 6
Whooper: 42
Shelduck: 3102
Wigeon; 1296
Teal: 700
Mallard: 433
Eider: 357
Goldeneye: 11
Common Scoter: 515
Long-tailed duck: 32 
Lapwing: 2500
Red-breasted merganser: 38
Oystercatcher: 605
Ringed plover: 116
Golden plover: 2012
Grey plover: 848
Dunlin: 3649
Black-tailed godwit: 14
Bar-tailed godwit: 2175
Curlew: 1073
Redshank: 1533
SE owl: 7

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