Tuesday, 21 March 2017

WoWL wonderings

Richard was back in the Window on Wild Lindisfarne speaking to visitors yesterday -  below he gives an account of his afternoon.

Black Headed Gull (c) JJD
"Another sunny afternoon on Holy Island but with the edge taken off by a stiff wind. The birds were hunkering down as a result of the wind and so very little was on show from the Window. Nine black tailed godwits - the same ones as two weeks ago? -  were dozing in the marshy area and a small group of teal were in the same area.

Only gulls - black headed and herring - were on the flash.

A small flock of brent geese flew around in the distance but settled out of view

Despite the lack of birds there were many visitors into the Window with people from Texas, Germany, the Shetlands and Northern England. Many questions were answered on the theme of , "what bird was it that we saw........?" Close questioning of the birders elicited a nil response to the question, "Have you seen any wheatear?"

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