Friday, 1 February 2019

Selected peak bird counts: January 2019

Geese and swans:

6000 Pinks flighted off the Goswick roost mid-month; 1303 Light-bellied Brent; 1000 Barnacle; 41 Whooper

Image ©  JJD


1900 Wigeon; 1200 Shelduck; 226 Pintail; 5 Long-tailed duck; 1 Black Scoter

Image ©  JJD


3005 Golden Plover; 1018 Grey Plover; 2000 Dunlin; 750 Curlew

970 Lapwing and 2900 Golden Plover recorded during our WeBS count at Budle Bay on the 20th 

Image ©  JJD
The current cold snap means that birds, like us, require more energy to keep warm, and in these wintry conditions they often find it harder to find food. They are particularly vulnerable to disturbance when it is cold - each flight expends a great deal of energy. Repeated disturbance can cause death from starvation or exhaustion. Please keep your distance when birds are roosting or feeding, and keep dogs on a lead on the Reserve at all times. 

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