Sunday, 8 March 2020

Spring has sprung!

Longer days are always the first signs that warmer weather is on its way and since December 21st we have added 4 minutes of daylight onto each 24 hours. This past week across the Reserve we have been bathed in beautiful sunshine and mild daytime temperatures as the first signs of spring have emerged from the dark winter days. However, sharp overnight frosts remind us we are not quite out of the grips of winter yet! Out on the Reserve some of the early flowers are stirring with Primroses seen in full bloom.
Primroses in full bloom
Skylarks have also been noted as the males constantly display flight and furiously sing above their prospective territory. Within the next few weeks they will pair up and make a small nest bowl on the ground within tussocks of vegetation. This would seem a very exposed way of nesting but their camouflage and ability to tuck themselves away make them invisible to the naked eye. All visitors to the Reserve are reminded to stick to paths and desire lines to reduce the possibility of trampling ground nesting birds and wildflowers

With a break from the relentless storms, the glorious weather has allowed us to finish off the last of the winter habitat management before it will be all systems go for the shorebird season. A new sign has been installed along the causeway informing all visitors to Holy Island that they are entering a National Nature Reserve. We hope you enjoy your visit.

The new Welcome sign on the causeway

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