Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Rockpool Ramble

It was typical bank holiday weather for our rockpool ramble this weekend. However, the cool northerly wind and occasional drizzle wasn't enough to dampen the spirit of our hardy young explorers who took part in a spot of Rockpool bingo!

We scoured every nook and cranny to see what strange and interesting creatures lay just beneath the shallow pools just using the powers of observation

It is important not to roll over any large rocks within these pools. The rocks are small micro habitats for many marine creatures so rolling over the rocks destroys these habitats and can potentially crush any creatures that are living underneath them.

We also used a bathyscope to get clear views underwater of Hermit Crabs scurrying along the seabed and a Sea Lemon stuck to the underside of some kelp. Even without rolling over rocks, being patient, we discovered Brittlestars, Shorecrabs, Edible Crabs and a large Velvet Swimming Crab. In some places the bottom of the Rockpool was moving with Hermit Crabs as they went about their daily business.

The rocky shore of St Cuthbert's Island 

Family enjoying the rockpooling

Everyone enjoyed discovering and learning about the rocky shore that is rich in biodiversity, despite the chilly weather. Those that shouted BINGO! on completing their bingo sheet were even rewarded with a prize.

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